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Pinhole Leak Specialist

With more than 1 million feet of high rise domestic hot water piping rehabilitated throughout Canada, our system of properly cleaning and coating each riser pipe is a complete solution. Pinhole leaks are only one problem within the piping industry. Our CPL family believes that strong knowledge of all piping systems will ensure our success in difficult and diverse projects.

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Drain Restoration

Be aware of your options before digging up your property.

Underground sanitary drains that have had a long life will eventually fail. All pipes wear down over time and eventually cause problems. At this time, it’s important to think proactively and resolve any issues before your pipes get to the point of no return.
A dig-up and excavation will drive costs through the roof.
Businesses and residential homes all have underground drains.

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Water Safety

CPL proves to be the best in the business for conserving infrastructure. We provide a complete turnkey system for your underground water mains.Our services are capable of accomodating pipe sizes from a 1/2 ” to 22″ in diameter, allowing us to provide the solutions that best suit the needs of our customers.Delivering a better than new Kevlar piping system,

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24 Hour Plumbing Services

Our team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide quick reliable emergency service. Plumbing is a highly skilled trade requiring on the job experience and passion for results. We ensure that our plumbers are trained and understand all plumbing systems. Right from the beginning our Jr .Tech’s learn the best practices and grow into well rounded service technicians.

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ABout Us2We are a Canadian owned and operated company specializing in pipe lining systems designed to repair and renew your cracked or broken pipes—whether they’re in a home, office, condo, loft, or warehouse.

As one of the only fully bonded pipe lining companies, we pride ourselves in doing things differently—backed by years of experience, and the industry standard in toughness and durability. Our goal is to make sure that once the problem is taken care of, you can rest assured that it is truly fixed and won’t bother you again.

Our process starts with identifying the problems areas, and sandblasting and cleaning the pipes. Our repipe specialists have been trained in this unique process to treat your piping with the utmost of care and respect. Our goal is to get to the root of the problem as quickly and carefully as possible, and protect you, your family, your business, and your potable water supply.

The special epoxy we use was invented from a U.S. Navy certified recipe, designed to give the ultimate uniform coat, coupled with military-grade durability. By achieving that uniform, even finish, we’re able to quickly and easily restore your sewer lines’ and pipes’ inner walls, without causing further damage and clogging, eliminating pinhole leaks for good.

Drain Lining Solutions!

Naturally, over time, your sewer lines and plumbing systems are going to fail. This can be due to natural decay, or the intrusion of tree roots, but either way, the damage will do more than just affect the flow of your water. It can cause thousands of dollars in damage and leave you unable to drain water for weeks.

CPL’s pipe lining system’s use an advanced eco-friendly epoxy lining method that repairs damaged or corroded drainage pipes while renewing the structural integrity of the pipes.

The benefits of this kind of pipe repair, or pipelining as it’s referred to, is that it’s cost effective and will cause minimal disruption, while leaving your floors and finished property free of damage. In most cases we only require a single entry point by which we insert the epoxy cured in place pipe (CIPP). An eco-safe, affordable, and cleaner alternative to ripping out and replacing your pipes—backed by a 50-year design lifespan, and no leaching or wearing down!

In fact, most customers on average save 15-25% when they choose to use the CPL pipe liner instead of installing or replacing with new pipes. Between construction fees, cleanup costs, digging trenches and materials for sewer repair, the old process can cost a fortune and result in weeks of headaches! Beyond saving money, you’re saving yourself time, stress, and the cost of possible future repairs on the untouched replacement pipe.

For a fast, affordable, guaranteed solution for pipe lining systems in desperate need of repair, reach out to the company providing efficient solutions and successful results, call Canada Pipe Lining Technologies today!


  • In addition to quality workmanship, CPL typically brings technical expertise, great communication, office support, and have always shown a willingness to accommodate any changes in scope of work and scheduling.

    Tony Aspro
    Tony AsproEffective Building Engineers
  • We found the principles of Canada Pipe Lining Technologies Ltd to be extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the process. The staff members which worked in the building during the project were very punctual, courteous and congenial to all residents that they came in contact with during this project.

    Geoff Toy
    Geoff ToyYCC520
  • I found this firm, CPL, to be knowledgeable in their industry, professional, clean and they’re work was completed in a timely manner and within budget! They worked hand in hand with our superintendant and left each unit as they found it, clean!

    Teresa Caprarella
    Teresa Caprarella General Property Management
  • Throughout the course of the lining project, Canada Pipe Lining Technologies was accurate in their initial assessment of the scale and cost of our project. Our building was completed with care and precision.

    Filomena Tescione
    Filomena TescioneMTCC1377
  • Although unforeseen circumstances came into effective, CPL managed to complete the project with little to no disruption to residents. I whole heartedly recommend Canada Pipe Lining for any mechanical project your building may be considering.

    Jamie Koralek
    Jamie KoralekMTCC962
  • The CPL crew worked in a professional and courteous manner and always kept the units neat and clean. The pipe lining project ended up taking half the time and almost half the cost of a traditional repipe project.

    Sharif Amalik
    Sharif AmalikYCC216
  • I was particularly impressed with the immediate response to minor issues that arose during the project and the efforts taken by Gianpaul to resolve the matters to the satisfaction of Management as well as the Board of Directors. We particularly appreciate the willingness of Canada Pipe Lining to work with our tender specifications as well as their willingness to work with a CCDC Contract

    Andre Leblanc
    Andre LeblancYCC #301

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